LA TIMES: Head to Cluck2Go in Pasadena for your new favorite Hainan chicken and rice

Owner Qi Yang and his daughter Jenny Yang opened Cluck2Go restaurant a little more than a month ago in Pasadena, near Pasadena City College. The father-and-daughter team also own Man Chan Cuisine in Rowland Heights. Cluck2Go specializes in Hainan chicken and rice, the classic dish that originated in the Hainan Province in southern China, and consists of seasoned poached chicken and white rice served alongside chile and ginger dipping sauces. Yang and her father were investors in Asian fast food restaurants in Torrance and Arizona before opening Cluck2Go and Man Chan Cuisine.

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PASADENA WEEKLY: Well-prepared meat, sauces and curry potatoes are the stars at Cluck2Go

A wall of chilly evening air wakes me from my study coma as I exit Pasadena City College’s Shatford Library. I need a quick fix that will keep my stomach from rumbling in my three-hour-long evening class, starting in just 30 minutes. Chick-fil-A? Crowded and greasy. Panda Express? No thanks, I respect myself. I like chicken and I like Chinese food, though… If only there were something nourishing, quick and simple within walking distance.

Eureka! I see it: Cluck2Go. The glowing hen guides me to my salvation: a glorified hallway sandwiched between two home improvement galleries serving up hot and fresh chicken in many forms.

As the name suggests, Cluck2Go does a lot of business with orders for pick-up. One can sit in-store and enjoy a meal, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you, too, are a student running in for a pre-class bite. A few plastic plants and a sign reading “Chicken Lovers Parking Only” are not doing much to warm up the bright sterility and hodge-podge furniture and color scheme. While the decor manages to be simultaneously industrial and tacky, however, the environment created by staff and customers is nothing but welcoming and homey.

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